The web agency


We are a team of experts and assistants building on 10 years of experience in the domain of web design, programing, web referencing & SEO (search engine optimisation) and application hosting (web hosting).

Our collaborators are scattered across the continents of Europe, Asia and America, in order to embrace a wide range of languages and local markets.

In this website you will be presented with samples of our works in application programing, web design and web marketing, our fares being stated in each section, see right menu.

At the same time you are offered the possibility of testing some of our tools and describing your project in a helper form in order to receive a tentative offer from our services.

You are equally invited to simply drop us a note through our contact form.

Enjoy your visit,

R. Guzzi, director

Google's PANDA is out and kickin' .. a new filter for reducing exposure to portals